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Much more than a stopover!

Welcome at Pajala Camping and Pajala cottages Route 99 in Sweden

Book your true nature holiday in Lapland along the Torne River

Enjoy North Sweden’s marvellous landscapes, wild nature, flourishing lakes and streams in the heart of Lappland.

Have a nice stay at Pajala Camping Route 99 in one of our small or bigger cottages or in your own tent, caravan or camping car. Camp along the Torne river (also called Tornio river), fish and grill your own salmon, pike and whitefish and bathe in pure water. The center of Pajala is only 1.5 kilometers away. Route 99 is the main road along the Torne Valley.

About Pajala in Torne River Valley

Pajala is a beautiful and serene village in North Sweden, known for its rich culture of theatre and musique. Pajala has 41 nature reserves. Going on holiday to Pajala means going to paradise. Pajala is situated in the Torne Valley. You will be astonished by its pure nature: lakes, falls, watercourses, green meadows, wild forests, untouched environments. 

And we haven’t talked about northern lights and midnight sun yet. 

A nice plus for our guests: the Torne Valley is one of the sunniest regions of Sweden.

Time to take a step back, relax and enjoy the calmth of nature

Pajala Camping & Pajala Cottages Route 99, a great destination close to nature

Things to know about us and our campsite in Pajala, Lapland, North Sweden

First about us

We are a Belgian family, speaking Flemish, French, English and some German too. We are nature lovers and we surely love the traditional local cooking of Northern Sweden. The cooking in our region is as organic and natural as its surroundings: pure, healthy and divers. That’s why we love our region and our campsite. We are happy to greet you at our Pajala Camping and Pajala Cottages Route 99.

About our campsite in Pajala

Our campsite is beautifully situated at the Torne River, 1.5 km south of the center of Pajala. This is a very quiet place with unspoiled nature all around. It’s a great destination for nature lovers, adventurers, fishermen and everyone who loves camping se and more specifically Swedish Lapland.

We have 30 cabins, for 2 to 6 persons or family house and 30 camping pitches with electricity for tents campers or caravans and as many without power.

We also have a small convenience store, café, laundry room, sauna for men and women.

Various leisure opportunities on the spot

Pajala Camping and Pajala Cottages Route 99 is a camping site with various leisure opportunities. So ideal for a longer stay in the North of Sweden. Minigolf, rental of bikes, canoes or boats. Of course there are lots of hikings and nature spots to do.

You have the permission to fish in the Torne River, the largest free-flowing river in Europe. There is quite some fish to catch!

And don’t forget to pack your bathing suit to swim in the pure water of the Tornio River next to our camping ground.

Pajala has its own airport and can also be reached by bus.

A bird never wants a cage. It wants to be free.

Planning a trip to Swedish Lapland? Discover traditional habits and local life.

Authentic holiday experience in a traditional Swedish stuga on route 99

‘Stuga’ is not just a nice word for a camping cabin, but a real Swedish tradition. A stuga is a typical Swedish small wooden house, painted in red. Swedish people are fond of their stuga, as simple holiday cottage alongside a river or a lake. A traditional stuga has a hole in the roof above the grill.

Your authentic holiday in Sweden begins with a few days stay in a stuga. Pajala Camping and Cottages Route 99 offers you a stuga from 1 to 6 persons.

And what’s on the grill? Right, yummy fresh fish from the Torne river, flowing next to your stuga.

There is a lot more of all-round local life to discover in Lapland  …

Oh Deer, i would love to come and stay.

Pitch your tent or park your camper or caravan on beautiful Laplandish campground

Real nature camping, some fishing, having a fika … . How wonderful life is in Sweden

It’s true, Swedish people are happy people. And the secret? It’s all about simple, but oh so beautiful living.

Come and explore happiness in Lapland by enjoying your holiday close to nature. As they say, go where the locals go and do what the locals do.

Pitch your tent on Pajala Camping and Cottages Route 99 campground, close to nature. Listen, smell, taste and feel the pureness of Lapland’s forests, streams, wildlife, berries, cuisine, coffee and so much more.

We have to warn you. Once you’ve discovered the Swedish way of living, you’d like to stay. That’s why most guests prefer to book more than one day at our camping site in Lapland.

Book your stay and prepare for a happy holiday in Lapland.

ice fishing, coffee and a shot of....

Camping ground at the riverside, stuga, forrest

lay back and enjoy the campfire sparkles at night

5 good reasons to book now.

  • Campfire pits and a Groll pit!

  • Multi languages (Nl, Fr, En)

  • Best Notherlight spot, so the guests say

  • You don't want to leave this great nature

  • We love dogs and they are welcome!

It is a wild wilderness where peace, quiet and memorable white plains can be found.

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